MT Living gets a new look, feel, and name!

MT Living gets a new look, feel, and name!

MT Living has a new look! Starting this evening, MT Living will be known as Happy N’ Beyond -- a name, along with the corresponding new style, that I feel better reflects the intent of my business. 

It didn’t feel quite clear on what my brand messaging was trying to accomplish or the name at a glance. Taking a deeper look you may have been able to tell the kind of personality behind the brand though, but I want it to be able to be captured from the first interaction or glance you have. 

MT Living was created to promote a more joyful day-to-day life. I have always had this in the back of my mind with every post or a new product I was working on. This was the time to do a rebrand and narrow in to define this. I knew I could better incorporate this into my visual branding and shop name.

To commemorate the change, Happy N’ Beyond will be donating 10% of proceeds from every purchase to Atholsa until the end of August! 

My partner is Indigenous and it is an important part of our lives to help and support our local indigenous community. We are both London-born and raised and choose Althosa because we love what they’re doing, what they’re about, and what they support.

Right now, I am mainly focused on designing and selling stickers, but am looking to expand to other offerings in the near future. 

I feel that Happy N’ Beyond is a memorable name that conveys extreme happiness, excitement, and joy. It’s modern, warm, and welcoming, and it aligns with the products I sell.

For more information or to purchase Happy N’ Beyond products, you can contact me or come say hello this Thursday, July 29th for Park It at the Market event!

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